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Here's where we host all of the team's photos and videos. Feel free to explore -- our pictures alternate between awesome, shameless, and utterly hilarious. Photo credits to Harvard Cycling unless otherwise listed.
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An inspirational video produced by Ian Boothby recapping the 2011 and 2012 racing seasons.
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Byron takes a sharp corner at the Army criterium.
The 2012 Harvard Cycling racing team. Left to right: Jesse Gubb, Garrett Drayna, Guo-Liang "Chewie" Chew, Sophy Lee, Merrill Lutsky, Jeanna Clark, Ian Boothby, Byron Hood, Michael Silva, Michael "Mikey" Shulman, Eileen Evans. Not pictured: Stuart McManus, Garrett Lynch, Steven Brown, Andres Onetto, Marta McCrum, Connie Chung, Eun Young Choi, David Ziehr.
Scenery just outside Harvard, MA along the Harvard to Harvard ride, on the way back home.
The view of Mt. Watchusett from an outlook near Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA, along the route of the Harvard to Harvard ride.
The Harvard Women's A/B team chilling at the start line just before the road race. Left to right: Eun Young Choi, Eileen Evans, Heather McLaughlin.
Ian Boothby and Joel Nitta warm up on the trainer with multiple blocks under their front wheels. Taken just before the Princeton hill-climb time trial on March 24, 2012.
Freshman racing wonder Merrill Lutsky takes track races by storm at the Northeast Velodrome in Londonderry, NH. Photo credit: Tom Worster.
The team relaxing under our tent between races at the United States Military Academy - West Point, on April 15, 2012.
Guo-Liang "Chewie" Chew takes a fast corner at the Yale criterium on April 8, 2012.
Guo-Liang "Chewie" Chew climbs up the grueling East Rock Park circuit race hill at Yale on April 7, 2012.
After his bike was stolen along with 10 teammates' bikes at Yale in 2012, Ian built up a sexy new Cervelo race bike with Shimano Ultegra and HED Ardennes.
Left: Men's team captain Byron Hood, climbing in the West Point circuit race. Right: Women's team captain Heather McLaughlin celebrating just after getting her Women's A numbers at Dartmouth.
Poobah Byron Hood cresting the top of the hill at East Rock Park during his freshman year. Notorious for being overdressed, Byron is wearing a thermal jacket over a long-sleeve cotton shirt, in 50-degree weather.
The team at dinner after a hard race day at the Grant's Tomb Criterium, hosted by Columbia on March 10, 2012. Left to right: Sophy Lee, Connie Chung, Heather McLaughlin, Guo-Liang "Chewie" Chew, Garrett Drayna, Eileen Evans, Ian Boothby, Jesse Gubb, Joel Nitta, Merrill Lutsky, Andres Onetto, Steven Brown.