Routes & Maps

While the roads directly around Boston are typically a bit unpleasant, they become smoother and more rolling as you leave town. We ride them countless times, all year round. These are some of our favorite routes. Distances are measured round-trip from Peet's Coffee in Harvard Square.
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Long Res
cue sheet | GPX 24.0 miles
One of the staples of fall morning rides. This adds around two miles to the Short Res loop, including a more challenging hill just past the Cambridge Reservoir.
Silver Hill
cue sheet | GPX 28.0 miles
A classic HUCA route, often taken by the morning rides. It features rolling terrain, but despite the lack of difficult climbs, several sharp hills are close by along the route.
Hammer Ride
cue sheet | GPX 45.0 miles
At 6AM on Wednesday mornings, a group of riders set out on a fast ride known as the "hammer ride". The pace typically averages ~20mph, and sometimes pushes over 30.
Harvard to Harvard
cue sheet | GPX 75.0 miles
The classic HUCA long distance loop, often ridden on Saturday morning rides. It goes through the town of Harvard, MA, amidst classic New England rollers. A 5-mile extension passes by Fruitlands Museum.
Charlie Baker Time Trial
cue sheet | GPX 10.0 miles
Every Wednesday afternoon in the summer, the Charlie Baker time trial is run just outside of Concord. A slightly rolling 9.7-mile course with no stop signs or traffic lights and a great place to do long intervals.
Short Res
cue sheet | GPX 22.7 miles
A great route for newcomers and veterans alike. It goes just far enough to get out of town, but without necessitating a 3-hour ride.
Allis Loop
cue sheet | GPX 42.1 miles
John Allis' favorite 40-mile loop for his twice-daily fixie rides, and still a favorite on the morning rides today.
Chewie Loop
cue sheet | GPX 58.1 miles
A great alternative to the Acton Loop, at 58 miles it is enough for serious training or just to blow off steam at town line sprints.
Dover + Strawberry Hill
cue sheet | GPX 45.0 miles
Adopted from MIT Cycling, this route winds through Needham and Dover. After the first ten miles or so, the roads have light traffic and smooth pavement.