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Here's where we host all of the team's photos and videos. Feel free to explore -- our pictures alternate between awesome, shameless, and utterly hilarious. Photo credits to Harvard Cycling unless otherwise listed.
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Organized by Ian Boothby, a group of a dozen riders or so headed for a leisurely 50-mile ride with a stop in the middle at Honeypot Hill Orchard for apples, donuts, and cider.
HUCA gentlemen enjoying themselves at the spring barbeque in May 2012.
Beautiful scenery just outside Concord, MA.
The HUCA entrants into the inaugural ECCC jorts competition; they came out champions among the Ivy League entrants.
Eileen is surprised by her glove liner while drying it off after a wet race.
Mikey was fierce competition for Guitar Hero at a team party.
Ian and Mikey go head-to-head in guitar hero -- a match of champions!
Four HUCA racers line up their matching Specialized helmets.
The 2010 HUCA racing team. Front: Coach John Allis (with bike). Middle: Eun Young Choi, sprint coach Jamie Wong, coach Mark Bowen, Daria van Tyne, Sophy Lee, Eileen Evans, Jen Vorse, Maja Janas. Back row: coach Ed Sassler, Byron Hood, Anne Washburn, John Bachman, Chris Gilbert, Steve Lewandowsi, directeur sportif Josh Wortzel.
The 2012 racing team goes crazy!
The Dartmouth frat boys' tactic of using a cute puppy seemed like a good idea to attract female cyclists... or was it?
Scenery along the HUCA Silver Hill route.
Sophy made a reputation for herself by bringing a blender to race weekends and making smoothies for herself for breakfast.
Top Men's A contender Stu catches a few winks of sleep before his race.
The team gets dinner after a hard day's racing at Columbia/Stevens in 2012.