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Here's where we host all of the team's photos and videos. Feel free to explore -- our pictures alternate between awesome, shameless, and utterly hilarious. Photo credits to Harvard Cycling unless otherwise listed.
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Heather McLaughlin relaxes at dinner between race days at the 2012 Collegiate Road National Championships.
The finish line for the 2012 Collegiate Road Nationals road race.
The HUCA ladies' team gets ready to race at Jamestown, RI.
Juliana Stone is ready to race in her first event with HUCA at Jamestown, RI.
Juliana and Becca show off their Jamestown T-shirts just before their race.
A view of the Jamestown, RI harbor and the bridge from mainland Rhode Island as a men's field lines up for the start.
Becca catches a nap after her race at Jamestown, RI.
Becca gets ready for her race at Jamestown, RI.
Mike Silva completes his first Ironman triathlon in Louisville, KY in August 2012.
Heather McLaughlin chases the field in the windy Burlington, VT crit on the last day of the Green Mountain Stage Race.
Jesse attempts to ride Sophy's bike while wearing jorts in advance of the inaugural ECCC jorts competition.
Byron rides through the windy flats after being dropped by the field during the Army road race.
Byron climbs up a steep ramp during the Army road race.
Ian sits comfortably in the field during the Army criterium.
George on the Hammer Ride. Photo credit: Ed Sassler
Guo-Liang "Chewie" Chew, Byron Hood, and Garrett Lynch fool around during the Boston Beanpot in 2011, while Garrett Drayna returns from his individual time trial in the background.
HUCA Apple Pie Ride on the way to Honey Pot Hill Orchards
taken Oct 25, 2014
George on the Wednesday morning Hammer Ride
taken Mar 16, 2014
George Emanuel rounds the corner at the Philly Phlyer criterium at Temple University
taken Mar 16, 2014