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Here's where we host all of the team's photos and videos. Feel free to explore -- our pictures alternate between awesome, shameless, and utterly hilarious. Photo credits to Harvard Cycling unless otherwise listed.
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The team warming up just before the 2012 Yale circuit race. Left to right: Ian Boothby, Byron Hood, Eileen Evans, Marta McCrum, Joel Nitta, Stuart McManus, Sophy Lee.
Poobah Sophy Lee sneaks in a drink as she streaks up the start/finish straightaway, in hot pursuit of the main field.
Ian Boothby breathes a sign of relief as he crests the hill during the Yale circuit race.
Ian Boothby drops a UPenn rider up the steep switchbacks during Yale circuit race.
Ian Boothby pulls a face for the camera as he comes across the top of the Yale circuit race climb.
Garrett Drayna is exhausted after a grueling Men's C circuit race at Yale.
Byron Hood climbs the steep Yale switchbacks with a Northeastern rider after being dropped by the main field.
Jesse and Stu converse with the team in the shadow of East Rock Park in New Haven. The circuit race and individual time trial finish at the top of the hill, right by the monument.
UVM riders party on top of their trailer during the Army circuit race.
The team warms up at the Stevens circuit race. From left to right: Guo-Liang "Chewie" Chew, Ian Boothby, Jesse Gubb, Joel Nitta, Andres Onetto.
Garrett Drayna poses for the camera while waiting for the Men's C circuit race to begin at Princeton.
Byron Hood sprints to a comfortable win during the Princeton Men's B criterium as teammate Guo-Liang "Chewie" Chew looks on. Byron jumped off Chewie's lead-out with 250m to go and held onto a 20m gap at the finish line.
Sophy Lee comes up the finishing straight at the 2012 Collegiate Road Nationals road race.
Heather McLaughlin heads for the finish during the 2012 Collegiate Road Nationals road race. She qualified for nationals in her rookie season with HUCA.
A chasing group rides by beautiful mountain scenery in the 2012 Collegiate Road Nationals road race.